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Come taste my vision, aca lën ñu lëkk!


Born and raised in Senegal, Chef-owner Fatou N'Diaye immigrated to Philadelphia in the early 90's. Before becoming a restaurant owner Fatou worked several kitchen jobs. One of her remarkable job was at the Delilah's Southern Cafe in 30th Street Station. That is where she mostly acquired her soul and Caribbean food skills.

Fatou openned up her first restaurant about 7 years later. Her first success was Fatou & Fama restaurant on Lansdowne. However, the desire to further expand her culinary horizons while getting deeply grounded on her roots led Fatou to open up her two new Fatou & Fama restaurants: the one located in University city and the other in South Philadelphia.

The restaurants are named after her mother and herself namely Fatou and Fama.

Her success is grounded in her personality and mainly in cultural background. As she says in wolof her mother's native tongue: " At an early age I watched my mother and grandmother cook. I religiously learn to cook from them. Later My dream became to cook in my own restaurant." she describes her cooking as: "Senegalese people cook their food thoroughly, using seasoning, ingredients, natural flavors and herbs.

My cooking is homemade, That's the difference."





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